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The Walter E. Luckett Foundation concentrates its efforts in the Bridgeport, New Haven, Waterbury, and Norwalk communities where youth are in dire need of additional support programs. The Foundation's programs are held at different locations within these communities and focus on three key areas: Leadership/Youth Development Training, Remedial Numeracy and Literacy and SAT/ACT Training (Linear Learning), and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math). The Foundation's programs serve youth generally between the ages of 8 to 22. 

Programs Overview
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Numeracy, Literacy, and SAT/ACT -Linear Learning

Bridgeport Military Academy 

Ages: 9th-12th grade students

Lighthouse Program

Bridgeport Highschools

Ages: 9th-12th grade students 

Books to Basketball Program

Bassick High School


Granville Academy & Girls, Inc. 

Granville Academy - Waterbury, CT

Ages: 10th-11th grade students


(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math)

Little Scientists

Bassick High School

Ages: Elementary and High School students

EZ Belts

Bassick High School

Ages: 8-22


Leadership/Youth Development Training

Ralphola Taylor Community Center YMCA

Ages: 8-22

Books to Basketball Program

Bassick High School

Ages: 8-22

The Bridgeport Boys Choir, Inc.

Messiah Baptist Church

Ages: 7-18

Inextricably Bound

New Haven/Hamden, CT

Ages: 7-22


Our partners are paramount to the work we do. The Walter E. Luckett Foundation's cross-sector collaborations improve the educational, social, physical, and emotional health of our young people. We are truly grateful that we are partners with corporations and local businesses, business professionals, local community agencies, and leaders. These partnerships reinforce for at-risk youth the (1) affirmation of cultural identity and heritage; (2) pursuit of a common goal and community good; (3) personal accountability and community transformation; and (4) collaborative leadership. 

The Foundation's partnerships include:


  • Craig Lanzoni, Managing Director of Linear Learning for SAT/ACT training

  • Bernard Lofton, Director of Books to Basketball program

  • The Ralphola Taylor Community Center YMCA; Kolbe Cathedral High School

  • The Bridgeport Boys Choir, Inc.

  • The Waterbury (CT) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated

  • Granville Academy

  • Girls, Inc. of Western CT

  • The New Haven Metropolitan Chapter of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc.

  • Inextricably Bound Community Development Corporation

  • Little Scientists

  • Business professionals

  • Current and retired members of Unilever’s African American Business Network

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